About Celerity Athletics

Celerity Athletics is dedicated to helping all athletes enhance their performance and propel the athlete to be the best version of themselves. Not every athlete is the same and their training should reflect that. Our unique programs and periodization are designed to meet the distinctive needs of each athlete and address the specific demands of their sport.

greyscale photo of woman in bralette inside room
greyscale photo of woman in bralette inside room

Our Principles

We believe in tailoring our training programs to meet the unique needs of each athlete. Our personalized programming ensures that you receive the specific training and guidance necessary to reach your maximum potential.

Sport-Specific Training

Scientific Backing

Personalized Programming

At Celerity Athletics, we stay up-to-date with the latest scientific research in sports performance. Our training methods are backed by current scientific findings, ensuring that you receive the most effective, evidence-based training techniques.

We understand that different sports have unique demands. Our training programs are designed to address the specific requirements of your sport, helping you develop the skills, strength, and conditioning necessary to excel in your chosen athletic endeavor.

About Me


I graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. I started off as a basic CPT while doing my undergrad and worked at the university gym. I quickly got known as the person everyone came to and asked questions about their training, technique, programming, current literature, etc. whether I was on shift or just working out myself. From there I began to train many athletes and diversified my knowledge. After I graduated McMaster, I took my exams to become a CSCS and began my journey of working with elite level athletes. I've worked with athletes from a wide range of sports, including football, hockey, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, tumbling, throwers, combat sports, field hockey, powerlifters, the general population, and so on from ages as young as 7 up to people in their 80's.

When I was younger, I played many sports at a high level but never understood the point of lifting weights. As I got older, coaches and recruiting officials told me I should be "hitting the weight room" but I didn't have anyone with me to teach me what to do, and I didn't really comprehend how it was supposed to help me. It wasn't until I went McMaster for football, that I saw just how beneficial proper weight training can be to one's performance and recovery. At that point I was starting so far behind these other people that I had to work harder and harder just to try to make up for lost ground. Let my tale be a cautionary one, and don't put off something that can be this beneficial until it's too late.

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